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New Reports Provide Client Engagement Insights

Our new Storefront Performance and Storefront Activity reports provide you with deep, actionable engagement insights. Quality team engagement in Nearby Now is a key driver for the ranking and reputation benefits you'll see, and these reports make it even easier for you to track and manage team performance. At the top level, you can checkout the Cumulative Stats for each storefront account, ranging from checkin counts to review conversion rate and more.  You also have two great ways to drill […]

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Drive Better Client Performance with the New Agency Dashboard

Our new Agency Dashboard makes it even easier for you to track and manage your clients all in one place — providing you the key metrics you need without having to check each account individually. At the top level, you can checkout the Cumulative Stats for your entire client roster, ranging from checkin counts to review conversion rate and more. The interactive Storefront Location map will give a quick geographic snapshot of all of your […]

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Respond to Customer Reviews with One Click

Responding to customer reviews is important, whether you are thanking a fan, or following up with an unhappy customer. It shows customers and prospects that you listen, you take them seriously, and your best efforts to to give them a great experience go on until they are satisfied. We are proud to announce that we are now making it even easier to respond to customer reviews in Nearby Now. We've added a direct link to […]

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New Report Organizes Review Data by Completion Date

The new Completed Reviews List report provides a new way to view and monitor a team’s review activity. This report provides a detailed view of of all reviews completed during the period of time you choose. This report joins the existing Review Request List report, which provides a detailed view of all the reviews requested during the period you define. Along with the Team Review Requests list report, which groups review activity by the team […]

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Schedule Automatic Pushed Reports to Any Distribution List

Now you can schedule reports to be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly to any distribution list you define — including the option to send a direct link to the interactive report, a PDF file, or a CSV file. This includes all the reports available for every storefront account to which you have access — which you can already view live, save for later reference, share with others, and download at any time. All you […]

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Expanded Sharing to Google Plus, Google My Business, Pinterest, and More

We’ve just extended your sharing options — enabling you to selectively share any check-in or review to an expanded list of social and business sites. This joins the support we already had for automated sharing of your check-ins and reviews to Facebook and Twitter. Now, you will have a share icon next to every check-in and review in your Check-ins List or Review Request List report. Simply pick a site in the dropdown menu to […]

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Saved Reports

Hot on the heels of reporting sharing, you can now save any report that you’ve executed! As an agency, you have three options for saving a report. 1. User Report – Any user with access to run reports can save a report to their “My Saved Reports” list. Only the user that created the report will have access to run it, or delete it. 2. Storefront Report – A storefront report is visible to all […]

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Report Sharing and PDF Download

We’ve launched two new reporting features that we think you and your clients will love! One-Click Report Sharing You can now share any report with the click of a button. You can execute any report, even if it’s an interactive report that you’ve drilled-in to, and click the share button to get a link to the exact same report, configured exactly how you see it in your web browser. You can then share this link […]

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