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New Report Organizes Review Data by Completion Date

The new Completed Reviews List report provides a new way to view and monitor a team’s review activity. This report provides a detailed view of of all reviews completed during the period of time you choose. This report joins the existing Review Request List report, which provides a detailed view of all the reviews requested during the period you define. Along with the Team Review Requests list report, which groups review activity by the team […]

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Schedule Automatic Pushed Reports to Any Distribution List

Now you can schedule reports to be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly to any distribution list you define — including the option to send a direct link to the interactive report, a PDF file, or a CSV file. This includes all the reports available for every storefront account to which you have access — which you can already view live, save for later reference, share with others, and download at any time. All you […]

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Expanded Sharing to Google Plus, Google My Business, Pinterest, and More

We’ve just extended your sharing options — enabling you to selectively share any check-in or review to an expanded list of social and business sites. This joins the support we already had for automated sharing of your check-ins and reviews to Facebook and Twitter. Now, you will have a share icon next to every check-in and review in your Check-ins List or Review Request List report. Simply pick a site in the dropdown menu to […]

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Saved Reports

Hot on the heels of reporting sharing, you can now save any report that you’ve executed! As an agency, you have three options for saving a report. 1. User Report – Any user with access to run reports can save a report to their “My Saved Reports” list. Only the user that created the report will have access to run it, or delete it. 2. Storefront Report – A storefront report is visible to all […]

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Report Sharing and PDF Download

We’ve launched two new reporting features that we think you and your clients will love! One-Click Report Sharing You can now share any report with the click of a button. You can execute any report, even if it’s an interactive report that you’ve drilled-in to, and click the share button to get a link to the exact same report, configured exactly how you see it in your web browser. You can then share this link […]

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