Report Sharing and PDF Download

Update September 6, 2018: Our new Storefront Activity and Storefront Performance reports (learn more) and Agency Dashboard reports (learn more) now include this capability as well!.

Update November 17, 2016: Our new Completed Reviews List report includes this capability as well! Learn more here.

We’ve launched two new reporting features that we think you and your clients will love!

One-Click Report Sharing

You can now share any report with the click of a button. You can execute any report, even if it’s an interactive report that you’ve drilled-in to, and click the share button to get a link to the exact same report, configured exactly how you see it in your web browser. You can then share this link internally with your team, or via chat or email with your clients.

One-Click Report Sharing
One-Click PDF Download

It’s 2015 and folks still print apparently… Now you can export any report directly to PDF. We’ve optimized the PDF exports to have a nice business look-and-feel with standard report headers that include the company name, report name, report date range, and page numbers. The header repeats on every page and the reports have been optimized for printing with printer-friendly fonts.

One-Click PDF Download
Report Catalog

To support the the report sharing and PDF features, we’ve had to re-design our reporting layout. Gone is the tabbed view that you’re accustomed to. In its place is a new report catalog. Every report opens in its own dedicated page. We’ve made the date range picker sticky so that your date selections carry through to any report you run which means you’ll spend less time fiddling with dates and more time focusing on the data.

Report catalog

We hope you enjoy these new reporting features. Stay tuned, we’ve got more report features ready to show you in the coming weeks!

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