Javascript Reviews Widget

By popular request, we’ve added support for displaying recent reviews on any HTML page, without duplicating content on your existing city/review pages.

How It Works

Simply drop a single Javascript line onto any page, sidebar, or blog post, include your API token, and you’re done.

<script src="" 
<!-- Example usage -->
<div id="nn-reviews"></div>

Once the script has been placed on the page, the div you’ve chosen as the target for the reviews will be populated with HTML based on the type of widget you are rendering. You only need to include the script reference once per page.

The Javascript Reviews Widget comes in three flavors:

Mini Widget

The mini widget displays your accounts aggregate review rating, number of stars, and a count of total reviews. Think of it like your Nearby Now Reviews badge. You can see a real example of the mini-widget at the bottom of this post.

Sidebar Widget

The sidebar widget displays the mini-widget, plus a lite version of your recent reviews. The default is your three most recent reviews and you can configure the plugin to display more or less depending on your needs. This widget is great for displaying reviews on your website sidebar, or in the footer of your site.

Full Widget

The full widget displays the mini-widget, plus your three most recent reviews including the sub-ratings. Just like the sidebar widget you can configure the widget to display more reviews. The “full” widget closely mimics our standard Nearby Now Reviews plugin and is a great way to fill a page with useful content for your users/customers. For example, this widget fits nicely on a home page below your existing home page content.

Please note that unlike the standard Nearby Now server-side plugins, the content rendered by our Javascript widget is loaded asynchronously and is not crawlable by search engines.

Here’s a live example of our mini widget embedded directly into this blog post:

For more information on the widget features and configuration options, please visit the widget docs.

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