Nearby Now 2.0 for iOS is here!

Hot on the heels of the Android 2.0 release, we are happy to announce that Nearby Now 2.0 for iOS is here. This new release brings stability improvements and new features that you’ll love.

Reviews Leader-board
The most important aspect of your business is the public reputation it has. Nearby Now helps you tell the Internet your story, and improve your public reputation in the form of good customer reviews. We developed the Review Leader-board with the goal of challenging your team to get the most good customer reviews each month. See how you stack up against your team… Last place buys lunch!

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New Simple Interface
The new look and feel is designed to make it easier to check-in, send a review request, and move on to the next job. We’ve fixed some issues that were causing confusion and duplicate checkins, and we’ve update the iPad version so that photo uploads don’t cause the app to hang.


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