Enrich Organic Search with FAQ Schema

We are proud to announce that we will now help you format perfect FAQ schema for your website. Good, relevant FAQs can increase your real estate in search results and boost your traffic even more.

All you have to do is decide on your FAQ topics, enter the questions and answers, and decide which page you’d like each topic to appear on your site.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting of applying compliant schema formatting and delivering your FAQs to the right pages on your site so that Google can give you full credit.

Here’s an example of how that may look:

Illustration of FAQ schema in organic search results

Why does this matter?

Properly formatted FAQ schema makes your site eligible to have your frequently asked questions show up in organic search results. Having those questions show up on the search results page means that your site’s results will show more information and occupy more space.

The better written your questions are, including relevancy to the pages on which you are showing them, the better your chance of seeing those questions in search results. And when you do, you can expect an increase in clicks and click through rate.

One of our resellers is four months into an FAQ schema trial with several tenured Nearby Now customers. They are comparing a set of pages enhanced with FAQ schema, and a control group of similar pages for the same clients without FAQ schema. The pages enhanced with FAQ schema are eligible to show the FAQ rich snippets in relevant organic search results that include those pages. And in the first four months of data, the FAQ enhanced pages show an average 46% increase in clicks over the control group, and an average 27% increase in in clickthrough rate.

Illustration of FAQ schema in google assistant

And that’s not all. Properly formatted FAQ schema, and well-written questions and answers, also makes you eligible as an action that is made available in the Google Assistant.

And you have an opportunity to adopt this early, and get the jump on your competition: in an analysis by Neil Patel in mid 2019, only 17 of 10,000 sites checked had yet adopted FAQ schema.

And this is just the latest feature reflecting our SEO-first focus on your reputation, making it easy for you to make it easy for Google to put the work you do, to work for you.

We provide full schema for every review, including more detailed location information than any other platform to ensure you establish a broad reputation footprint, not just a vague reputation in the cloud. We are the only platform to provide checkin schema, including location, photos, and videos, to drive even better local rankings and reputation. And of course, we tie it all together with local business schema to ensure Google identifies your company properly, and ties this all to you.

Get started today!

Login to your Nearby Now storefront account and go to COMPANY > Account Settings > Website FAQ in the left menu to get started!

Please note:

  • You’ll need a paying subscription at the SEO Pro or SEO Master level to setup your FAQs and pull them into your website for display.
  • Google does not guarantee that your FAQs will show up in search results. For a list of common reasons why Google may not show your content as a rich result, see the General Structured Data Guidelines.

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