Showcase Your Videos in Our New Video Gallery

Nearby Now is the easiest way to create great, relevant and rich media to drive even better rankings for your own websites.

We have always supported photos, and we added video support last fall. It couldn’t be easier to post a photo or video right to the website with each checkin — with every job driving better content to drive better SEO results. 

We are proud to announce that our Gallery plugin, which has been available for several years, now enables you to highlight your videos all in one place. You can blend photos and videos together into a single gallery, or separate your photos and videos. And we’ve executed this in a way that will help drive better engagement on your site, but will not setup duplicate content or ranking competition inside your own content.

Video checkins are a feature of our powerful SEO Master plan — along with Audio Testimonials, Zapier integration, webhooks, and much more. See our blog post to learn more.

To activate a Gallery on your client’s site, simply add our plugin, or leverage our JavaScript widget and choose whether you would like to display photos, videos, or both in one place.

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