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Team Tagging

We are proud to announce a powerful new feature to help you get the most out of your SEO and online reputation. Team Tags will help you organize your users and teams, everything they contribute, and all the value you extract from it. Organize your reporting, and your leaderboards. Organize your checkins, reviews, videos, and photos and organize the presentation of them on your website. And all without your employees needing to do anything extra […]

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Showcase Your Videos in Our New Video Gallery

Nearby Now is the easiest way to create great, relevant and rich media to drive even better rankings for your own websites. We have always supported photos, and we added video support last fall. It couldn’t be easier to post a photo or video right to the website with each checkin — with every job driving better content to drive better SEO results.  We are proud to announce that our Gallery plugin, which has been available […]

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Improve Page Performance With Caching

If you’ve ever implemented a website caching solution, you probably already have a good understanding of what caching means and this new feature will make sense. If you’re not familiar with caching, I’ll briefly summarize below what caching is, and then go into more technical detail and describe how you can improve page performance with caching. High-level Summary A cache stores and delivers older data from memory to save the impact of getting the very […]

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