Platform Enhancements

We wanted to provide an update on the enhancements to our platform over the last few months.

  • Markets
    • Australia: Launched full support.
  • Private Label
    • A la Carte Options: New options for incremental white label branding of features, as well as an a la carte pricing model.
    • Private-Label Only Features: See Explicit Review Disclaimer and Weekly Review Velocity Report, below.
  • Reviews & Review Management
    • Custom Review Confirmation Message: You now have the option to configure a custom message that will be presented after a customer submits a review – and this message may be customized differently for different storefronts within your agency.
    • External Review Sites: Added Porch & Homestars.
    • Explicit Review Disclaimer: (white label only) Ability to add optional review confirmation message, and required opt-in, by customers submitting a review.
    • Weekly Review Velocity Report: (white label only) A new custom report showing check-in and review performance as a trend compared to average number of weekly jobs/service calls.
    • Streamlined Review Deletion Request Process: We’ve added forms to request deletion of any review that violates the terms of use or privacy policy directly from the Reviews reports in the admin portal.
  • Administration & Support
    • Agency Payment Reconciliation Report: New report providing line-item detail of all charges given any date range and any account status.
    • Customer Support Form: Customer support form that automatically provides contextual information about the user and storefront, as well as automatic routing of your clients’ requests to your primary support contact.
    • Integration Status Information: Enhanced integration status in the admin portal, indicating whether an active integration has been disconnected by its service provider (Facebook, Twitter, or Mailchimp).
  • API
    • Check-in: Ability to check-in via API. (out of BETA)
    • Send Review: Ability to send a review via our API. (out of BETA)
    • Random Recent Reviews: Ability to pull a list of random recent reviews for display is a Javascript slider, or testimonials side-bar.
    • Client Activity: Ability to get a count of Check-ins, Review Requests, and Completed Reviews for a client. Can also filter down to city/state.
  • Mobile Apps
    • iOS: Updated for larger iPhone sizes – Now optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6+.
    • iOS & Android: GPS & Map improvements – Optimized GPS and upgraded MAPS API to make check-ins faster.
  • Other Fixes & Improvements
    • Upgraded compatibility with Facebook API v2.3 and WordPress compatibility for v4.2.
    • Improved handling of potential duplicate or conflicting jQuery situations on client sites.
    • Deferring plugin rendering until jQuery is detected – For client websites where jQuery has been moved out of the Head and into the lower body of a page for optimization, the Nearby Now plugin now automatically defers loading until it detects the presence of jQuery.
    • Improved handling of duplicate or conflicting Google Maps API situations on client sites. We now auto-detect the presence of the Google Maps API when the document is ready. If it exists, we won’t add it. If it does not exist, we will load it async.
    • Improved map loading and rendering performance. We are now using encoded polygons for faster service area loading and rendering. This method uses faster native Google Maps code for rendering shapes and makes the data footprint much smaller.
    • Improved handling of redundant or conflicting business schema. For client sites where business schema is already present, you can¬†disable the schema that Nearby Now displays.

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