Photo & Video Gallery Javascript Widget

The Photo & Video Gallery Javascript Widget (BETA) is a great way to display a gallery of your recent work on your website.

Note: Unlike our server-side API and WordPress plugins, the Javascript API offers no SEO value for your website. The widget HTML is loaded asynchronously it will not be discovered by search engines.

Javascript Widget

Simply copy this script on the page you want to display the widget, and add a nn-photo-gallery div anywhere on your page that you’d like your photos & videos to be displayed.

<script src="" 
<!-- Example usage -->
<div id="nn-photo-gallery"></div>

Configuration Options

You can control the number of photos & videos to return with a custom data tag:


  • data-key Your API Token


  • data-count The number of photos & videos to display. Note: Every video checkin also includes a still shot photo.


Here’s an example of how to add the photo & video gallery widget to an HTML page:

Here’s a live example of what the widget looks like on a web page:

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