Nearby Now is an exciting new location-based service that bridges the gap between service professionals and customers who are urgently looking for their services. We founded Nearby Now on the idea that static business listings are dead. Nobody wants to sift through business listings, calling various phone numbers only to reach global dispatch centers that take forever to get the customer what they desperately need… A solution to their problem.

How Nearby Now works

Nearby Now lets service professionals check in to each customer location as they make their service rounds throughout the day. Each time a service professional checks-in, their location data is updated in real-time to the Nearby Now network map. When a customer is searching for a service in that area, he or she will find REAL service professionals, not static business listings. The customer is a click away from connecting to to the service professional in their area. We also display engaging service area and heat maps so that the customer can personally vet the service professional by seeing how often they service their neighborhood.

Social Proof

Our goal at Nearby Now is to help customers find trusted service professionals and to help service professionals build social proof that they are a reputable business who is trusted by the customers neighbors. In addition to helping service professionals build and grow their service area, we provide the service professional the ability to easily send their customers friendly surveys about the business, directly related to a check in. These reviews are then listed on the Nearby Now map, along with recent checkins, the service area, and the neighborhood heat map.

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