Drive Better Client Performance with the New Agency Dashboard

Our new Agency Dashboard makes it even easier for you to track and manage your clients all in one place — providing you the key metrics you need without having to check each account individually.

At the top level, you can checkout the Cumulative Stats for your entire client roster, ranging from checkin counts to review conversion rate and more.

The interactive Storefront Location map will give a quick geographic snapshot of all of your client accounts.

You also have several great ways to drill down into your individual client performance and status.

First, the Agency Storefront Performance Report, will provide you a top level view of each client’s engagement against weekly performance targets that you define. Color coding provides you an at-a-glance view of how close they are to meeting your goals for number of checkins, number of review requests, and number of review conversions against the targets you set, and as a comparison to the previous month’s results. Red means that your client is more than 25% from your target. Yellow means they are less than 25% and 10% or more from your target. And green means you are less than 10% from your target.

You set a weekly checkin target for each client, and we will calculate performance against that target on a monthly basis. Your review request target will automatically be set at the system average of 40% of your checkin target, and your review conversion target will automatically be set at 80% of your review request target. We will average each client’s performance against your target for an Overall Target performance score, and each client’s performance against the previous month’s performance for a Overall Variance performance score.

Second, the Agency Storefront Activity Report drills a level deeper, providing a detailed view of key activity metrics for each client.

Checkin data will show you not just the raw counts of checkins, but will also give you insights into the average number of words per checkin and photo/video inclusion stats.

Review request drill downs also provide detail on the number of bounces and conversions to help you tune team performance.

And your third-party referral stats will help you understand how many potential reviewers make the choice to click out to the third-party review sites you choose to include for your clients.

Third, the Agency Storefront Roster provides a comprehensive list of every client including number of users, current subscription plan, most recent invoice date, and current plan price. It also provides a one-click way to switch to that account or to access a more detailed drill-down.

And fourth, the Agency Payment Reconciliation Report lets you run a payments report for any time period, and will provide you with the client name, date and time, and amount of any charges during the period you choose.

And all this is in addition to the deep-dive reports you have available for every client: City Activity, Team Review Requests, Review Request List, Completed Reviews List, Leaderboard, Customers, Team Checkins, Checkins List, and Page Views. You can save these deep dive reports, export them, share them, and schedule them to be pushed to the people you want on the schedule you want.

Login to your agency storefront with any agency admin user account to checkout the Agency Dashboard today!

To set a Checkin Target for any client, just click the drop down menu next to that client in the Excluded Clients list on the Agency Storefront Performance Report.

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