Customized Review Confirmation Landing Pages

We’ve just extended your review customizations — enabling you to set up completely customized thank you pages for successful reviews. You can even send reviewers to different destinations based upon how many stars they provided. This is another exclusive feature for our private label agencies, and their clients.

Currently, reviewers see a standard message when they have finished a review, including the option to share their review to their own Facebook page. As of earlier this year, we added the ability for you to replace that standard message with a customized message of your own that reviewers would see instead.

As of today, you still have these options, and you have a third one: the ability to define a different custom URL destination for successful reviewers based on the number of stars in their Overall Rating. You could use these for custom thank you pages for great reviews, or potentially a custom “please call us” message to make things right for low reviews. Perhaps you would like to ask follow up questions for certain levels of reviews — such as a net promoter survey or a request for referrals.

You can now direct your clients’ reviewers, based on how many stars they provide, to the standard message, your standard customized message, or a completely customized page of your own design.

Custom Review Confiramtion Redirect

Go to Settings > Survey Settings to try it out today and let us know what you think!

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