Increase SMS Review Conversion With a Local Phone Number

Provision Local Phone Number

Today, your SMS review requests from Nearby Now come from a phone number in an Arizona area code.

We are proud to announce that our SEO Master clients can now setup their own custom phone number that SMS review requests are: localized to a particular area code, state, postal code, or even including a particular phrase or number.

SMS Message from Local Number

Many customers will be even more likely to respond with a great review to an SMS review request from a number they recognize as local. This is just our latest expansion to our great personalization options for your review process, including local inbound telephone numbers for your Audio Testimonials (for SEO Master clients) and custom outbound email addresses for email review requests (for private label clients and agencies).

To get started with a custom number for SMS review requests, upgrade your account to SEO Master, then go to Settings > Survey Settings, scroll down to Local SMS Number For Review Requests and click Add a Local SMS Number.

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