Android App Testers Needed

We just finished beta version 1.0 of Nearby Now for Android and would love some volunteers to put it to the test!

Download it here for free!

With the release of the Android app, we are introducing a new feature to both the Android and iPhone apps. Checkins with an optional message or photo!

Now, when you checkin to Nearby Now from the device, you can optionally post a message or a photo or both, and that information wil automatically show up on the Nearby Now Network and also our various customer plugins.

You can view an example of checkins with messages and pictures on our plugins demo site.

How Nearby Now for Android works:

  • Use the app to update your current location whenever you arrive a job, estimate, delivery, sales call, or even lunch.
  • As you continue to update your location over time, Nearby Now shows potential customers where you are now, and a Heat Map – which effectively illustrates to potential new customers where you frequently work, and that you commonly work in their neighborhood (example below).
  • Send Surveys to your customers via email or sms.
  • Customers may contact you using integrated click-to-call technology – right from the Nearby Now map.
  • The Nearby Now Power Index shows the top service companies for any area.
  • If you are a mobile service professional with an Android device*, and would like to have customers discover your real-time location and view your actual service area heat map, [signup for Nearby Now for free!](

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