Track Your Calls to Understand Your Marketing ROI

Call Tracking from Nearby Now matches your inbound calls to the source campaign so you can be sure of your marketing ROI. This means less wasted advertising and less wasted marketing spend. A better chance to recover lost leads. And better insights into the way your team handles inbound calls.

Every Nearby Now plan now includes five local numbers and 1000 local minutes at no additional charge to get you started. And more numbers and minutes, local and toll free, are available to you at the best rates in the industry.

You can create separate telephone numbers to track incoming leads from each marketing channel so you’ll know right away which campaign gets the credit for each lead.

Our simple widget helps you ensure that the right numbers appear in the right places, and only the right places, on your website and landing pages.

Included call recording helps you improve the way you handle leads and coach your team.

You can even use the tracking numbers in any offline channel you’d like to present a number.

And easy-to-understand reports will let you know which leads came from which channels so you can understand where the marketing and advertising is performing best.

Call Tracking is included with every SEO Pro or SEO Master subscription!

Ready to get started? Login to the admin portal, click Integrations, then go to Call Tracking to check it out today!

Not yet a subscriber? Go to our pricing page to learn more and get started today.

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