Introducing Audio Testimonials

Introducing Audio Testimonials

We are excited to announce Nearby Now Audio Testimonials. A simple and powerful way for you to publish your favorite customer audio testimonials on your website!

We added simple yet intuitive features that make getting started easier than ever. You don’t need to worry about training or documentation.
Just choose a phone number, add our plugin to your website, and start adding your voice testimonials to playlists.

Unlimited Playlists

Create as many playlists as you’d like and put them anywhere on your website! Have a few short and sweet customer testimonials? Those would work well on your homepage playlist.
Do you have any long and thoughtful customer testimonials that go into detail about the services you provided? That might be great for a product/service-specific page, or a dedicated testimonial page.

Professional Transcription

Did your customer just give you an outstanding voice testimonial? Enhance it with our professional transcription service* and display the transcription along with the audio, right inside your website!

*Professional transcription is an optional premium add-on, per transcription.

See a live example

Custom Greeting

To get the best out of your audio testimonial number, you need a clear and concise greeting for the customer. You can use our built-in automated text-to-speech greeting feature.
This allows you to custom-type the greeting that you want your customers to hear.

You can also bring your own audio greeting. If you have a preferred audio greeting in .mp3 format, simply upload it and we’ll use that as your greeting.

Stay in the Loop

Never miss and audio testimonial. When a customer leaves you a new message, Nearby Now will instantly email all the administrator on your account.
You’ll know who called, when they called, and you’ll get single-click access to listen to the audio testimonial. You can even do this from your iOS or Android device!

Simple Management

We’ve designed the audio testimonial dashboard to be simple and intuitive. From here you can listen to all your calls, assign them to playlists, and request professional transcription service for any call.

Give our Voice Testimonial demo a try

Call us at (650) 353-2378. You’ll hear a working example of our text-to-speech greeting and familiarize yourself with the automated menu structure.
Leave us a message and give us your feedback and we might add it to our public playlist!

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