Streamline Building Local Rankings and Reputation with FieldEdge and Nearby Now

Streamline Building Local Rankings and Reputation with FieldEdge and Nearby Now

We are proud to announce a new FieldEdge integration. The FieldEdge / Nearby Now integration will enable you to create checkins and request reviews from customers directly from the FieldEdge mobile apps and website.

You’ll be able to get all the benefits of Nearby Now for your local rankings and reputation without your team needing to switch apps or login to Nearby Now.

With the integration active, your team will have access to checkin and request reviews right in the FieldEdge mobile app. They can checkin, at their option, in any Work Order. They can choose to send a review request to the customer with each checkin, or checkin alone, just by clicking a box.

Using the FieldEdge website, your office staff will also be able to easily checkin. As with the mobile app, they can checkin from any Work Order, and can choose whether or not to also send a review request to the customer. In addition, for checkins from the website, your staff can even go back later and add a review request to any past checkin that did not have one.

All this will generate more rich local content to improve rankings for your own website in every city you serve, and secure reviews at an industry-leading 40% rate to build a better and better online reputation.

To activate the integration, you’ll need to: be a customer of FieldEdge; a Nearby Now client at the SEO Pro or SEO Master levels; and subscribe for access to the integration.

Login to the Nearby Now admin portal, click Integrations, then click FieldEdge Integration to get started. Not yet a Nearby Now member? Click here to sign up!

Already a FieldEdge customer? Click here to learn more about the FieldEdge Nearby Now integration.

Not yet a FieldEdge customer? Click here to learn more about FieldEdge.

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