Nearby Now 3 for Android

We are very excited to announce the new release of Nearby Now for Android. Version 3.0 is available for download or update in Google Play.

Get Nearby Now 3 from Google Play »

Here’s what’s new:

Redesigned from the ground up to be more efficient

Nearby Now has an entirely new look and feel. This new design optimizes check-in and review request efficiency. There are now less taps needed to complete core functions and it is easier to navigate to all areas of the app. This new version is also designed to be significantly better on tablets for clients that use mounted tablets in their vehicles.


GPS improvements

GPS is now a whole lot smarter. We’ve added a GPS quality indicator that will visually show you when the GPS signal is locked and ready to use. We’ve also reduced the frequency in which the GPS engages which will drastically reduce battery consumption.

Other updates in this release include:

  • Checkin images are now displayed in recent activity
  • New Google maps interface
  • Improved review request validation


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