Introducing Video Checkins

Update August 8th, 2018: We’ve doubled the potential length of your video checkins to 30 seconds!

We are excited to announce Video Checkins – the next evolution of user generated checkins!

Video Checkins

A Video Checkin can include a short video clip highlighting your work, services or product instead of a still photo which will continue to be an option. The videos are simple to create – simply press-and-hold to record, and you’re on your way. You can even release the record button to pause – then press-and-hold to resume – to combine multiple clips into a single video.

Here’s an example video checkin from yours truly (note – a stunt double was not used in the filming of this video):

And we have optimized the Video Checkins to ensure continued great performance of Nearby Now on your sites. When your pages include Video Checkins in the checkins and reviews you retrieve through our plugins or API, we will display thumbnail images that load quickly, and will only load and play the video when a visitor clicks the play button. As always, your checkins will have fully-compliant schema, including location schema to offer the best hyperlocal ranking value. The videos will also have video schema tags applied according to standards.

Video Checkin Plugin Example

Videos can also be shared to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, in the same way you currently share checkins with photos.

Checkin Video - Facebook Share

You can use Video Checkins in all the ways you use photos with your checkins today and even more, including:

  • Shoot a quick “before” video describing the problem you are solving for your customer;
  • Shoot your video in sections – pausing between adding a bit more – to reflect your progress through a job;
  • Shoot short tutorials to help your customers diagnose simple problems;
  • Shoot public announcements that you want to share across your social media accounts;
  • Shoot team introductions to put on your website so your customers know a bit more about your team members before they arrive on the job.

We’ve also added the option to save both your videos and your photos to your camera roll so that you can access the media directly from the device.

Upgrade to SEO Master to try it out today and let us know what you think!

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