New Report Organizes Review Data by Completion Date

The new Completed Reviews List report provides a new way to view and monitor a team’s review activity. This report provides a detailed view of of all reviews completed during the period of time you choose.


This report joins the existing Review Request List report, which provides a detailed view of all the reviews requested during the period you define. Along with the Team Review Requests list report, which groups review activity by the team member who originally requested review, these reports provide a full range of options for reporting on your review activity.

The new Completed Reviews List report provides deep information about each review, including information about the date and time the review was requested and received, information about the requesting team member and the responding customer, as well as details about the review itself such as star rating, description, and location.

For all of the live reports in Nearby Now, you can: Save them for later reference (learn more); you can Share them with other members of your team (learn more); you can Download them in PDF or CSV format; and you can Schedule them to be pushed to any distribution you would like on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis (learn more).

You can also integrate the flow of new reviews through webhooks (learn more) or with more than 500 apps through Zapier integration (learn more) — ranging from accounting and billing to CRM, email marketing database, business intelligence and reporting, helpdesk and more.

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