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BizReal Google Post Automation & Google Post Scheduler

We are proud to announce our new BizReal Google Business Profile post auto-poster and our new Google post scheduler for Nearby Now subscribers. Both take full advantage of our included ability to integrate with multiple Google Business Profiles in each Nearby Now account and to leverage the great checkins, photos and videos your teams are already creating in Nearby Now as source material. We’re continuing to deepen the value Nearby Now offers, extending more than […]

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Spot-On for Google

We are proud to announce a simple way for you to convert even more of your customer review opportunities to exactly the right Google Business Profiles for each of your locations. Spot-On for Google on top of our Intelligent Review Routing (learn more) will automatically route any potential Google reviewer to your Google Business Profile that is closest to them. As always, whether to review and what to say is in entirely in the hands […]

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Reprocess Zapier Triggers and Webhooks

We have made our Webhooks and our Zapier integration even more powerful. Just click a button on any checkin or review to push the trigger into Zapier again, or click a different button to push out a fresh webhook. This will make it much easier to test and improve your integrations, and to fill in older data from before you completed your integrations. All you need to do is locate the appropriate checkin (in your […]

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Live Stream Storefront Activity

The Live Stream for every Nearby Now account shows the latest checkins and Nearby Now reviews, live and in real time. Keep the Live Stream page up to see the latest activity from your team and your customers as it happens. This is a great addition to our real time interactive Team Map (learn more), which provides a map view of the latest checkin by every member of your team to make it easy to […]

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Location Filter for Interactive Reports

We have extended our real time account reporting to add a new Location Filter for checkin and review related reports. You can filter by one or more cities in any of the following reports: Checkins List Checkins List By User Reviews List Reviews List By User Completed Reviews List Review Ratings List And like all our other filters, you can set location in the live view of these reports, or you can set it and: […]

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Create a Google My Business Post from Any Checkin

We are proud to announce one-click creation of a new Google Business Profile post from any checkin in your account, including a photo or a video thumbnail! This builds on our other great Google Business Profile features: Photo and Video Sharing to Google, New Google Review Alerts, Updated Google Review Alerts, and comprehensive Google Review Reporting which help you keep track of all the great reviews that our Intelligent Review Routing feature helps you get […]

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Share Your Great Photos and Videos to Google My Business

We are proud to announce one-click sharing of your great photos and videos to your Google Business Profile. This builds on our great new Google Review Alerts, updated Google Review Alerts, and comprehensive Google Review Reporting which help you keep track of all the great reviews that our Intelligent Review Routing feature helps you get in Google. Now, with one click sharing, you can easily share the best photos and videos that your team is […]

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Do way more than the competition

In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one of the most authoritative websites in the world recently posted a great article about the impact of Google’s latest changes – the Venice Update – on local search. The article is written from the perspective of national companies trying to rank for keywords that really should be reserved for local companies. ¬†Perhaps these companies are trying to capture a lead and sell it back to you […]

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