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Agency Prospect GeoGrids will Help Resellers Close

We are proud to announce our launch of Agency Prospect GeoGrids to provide Nearby Now resellers the power of Google Maps grid ranking analysis. To power up sales, to power up onboarding, and power up prospecting. A $100 subscription brings you up to 200 prospect grids each month right in your own agency account: you will be able to setup a grid for a specific prospect to arm your sales team with more concrete data […]

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GeoGrids from Nearby Now Help You Track Everywhere You Should Rank!

We are proud to announce the launch of GeoGrids from Nearby Now! The company that figured out how to turn clients local work into local rankings, brings you a way to track your rankings everywhere you should rank! GeoGrids enable you to setup Google Maps keyword rank tracking for your business, across any areas you choose. Each GeoGrid you create will automatically begin tracking how your business ranks in Google Maps at each location inside […]

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New Cities Report Tracks Your Reputation Footprint

We are proud to announce the New Cities Report. This report provides a simple view of any new cities that have appeared for the first time in your checkin and review locations during the period you define. This is a great way to monitor your reputation footprint — the expanding area where your great checkins and reviews are building hyperlocal reputation for you. This is a great tool for your maintenance team. Set the time […]

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Request Reviews by QR Code

We are proud to announce that you can now request reviews via QR code when you checkin through our mobile apps. This joins email and SMS requests, and our exclusive audio testimonials, as the most extensive suite of ways to request reviews from your customers in the industry. And more ways to request reviews translates into more reviews! It couldn’t be easier. Checkin in the mobile app the same way you did before, and when […]

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New Review Trend Reports for Google Business Reviews and Nearby Now Reviews

We are proud to announce two new dashboards for your reviews, one for Google Business Profile reviews, and the other for Nearby Now reviews. Both provide an easy-to-use pie chart of review score (1 through 5). Both provide a month-over-month bar chart for new reviews acquired. And both provide a continuing trendline to show the total reviews over time. Hover over any point on the trendline to get the total reviews to date, as of […]

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