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New Cities Report Tracks Your Reputation Footprint

We are proud to announce the New Cities Report. This report provides a simple view of any new cities that have appeared for the first time in your checkin and review locations during the period you define. This is a great way to monitor your reputation footprint — the expanding area where your great checkins and reviews are building hyperlocal reputation for you. This is a great tool for your maintenance team. Set the time […]

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BizReal Google Post Automation & Google Post Scheduler

We are proud to announce our new BizReal Google Business Profile post auto-poster and our new Google post scheduler for Nearby Now subscribers. Both take full advantage of our included ability to integrate with multiple Google Business Profiles in each Nearby Now account and to leverage the great checkins, photos and videos your teams are already creating in Nearby Now as source material. We’re continuing to deepen the value Nearby Now offers, extending more than […]

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Adding Location to Google Reviews

We are proud to announce yet another Nearby Now first in helping you get the most local ranking and reputation value from your great customer reviews. Up until now, the only location information associated with Google reviews is the location of your Google Business Profile. That’s good, as far as it goes, but it is effectively just a stack of reviews in the same spot. Your reviewers on your Google Business Profile are all over […]

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Live Stream Storefront Activity

The Live Stream for every Nearby Now account shows the latest checkins and Nearby Now reviews, live and in real time. Keep the Live Stream page up to see the latest activity from your team and your customers as it happens. This is a great addition to our real time interactive Team Map (learn more), which provides a map view of the latest checkin by every member of your team to make it easy to […]

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Location Filter for Interactive Reports

We have extended our real time account reporting to add a new Location Filter for checkin and review related reports. You can filter by one or more cities in any of the following reports: Checkins List Checkins List By User Reviews List Reviews List By User Completed Reviews List Review Ratings List And like all our other filters, you can set location in the live view of these reports, or you can set it and: […]

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New Reports Provide Client Engagement Insights

Our new Storefront Performance and Storefront Activity reports provide you with deep, actionable engagement insights. Quality team engagement in Nearby Now is a key driver for the ranking and reputation benefits you’ll see, and these reports make it even easier for you to track and manage team performance. At the top level, you can checkout the Cumulative Stats for each storefront account, ranging from checkin counts to review conversion rate and more. You also have two great ways to drill […]

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