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Enrich Organic Search with FAQ Schema

We are proud to announce that we will now help you format perfect FAQ schema for your website. Good, relevant FAQs can increase your real estate in search results and boost your traffic even more. All you have to do is decide on your FAQ topics, enter the questions and answers, and decide which page you’d like each topic to appear on your site. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting of applying compliant schema […]

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Convert Website Leads by Text with LeadSMS

Update February 20, 2020: We’ve launched even more exciting new features for the LeadSMS customer and prospect communications center: Review Requests: Now you can fire a review request to a customer right in an ongoing LeadSMS conversation. After Hours Auto-responder: Now you can set the business hours when you’ll be actively monitoring your incoming leads, and define a separate auto-responder for your after hours inquiries. Welcome Bubble: Now you have the option to have a […]

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New Reports Provide Client Engagement Insights

Our new Storefront Performance and Storefront Activity reports provide you with deep, actionable engagement insights. Quality team engagement in Nearby Now is a key driver for the ranking and reputation benefits you'll see, and these reports make it even easier for you to track and manage team performance. At the top level, you can checkout the Cumulative Stats for each storefront account, ranging from checkin counts to review conversion rate and more.  You also have two great ways to drill […]

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Streamline Building Local Rankings and Reputation with FieldEdge and Nearby Now

We are proud to announce a new FieldEdge integration. The FieldEdge / Nearby Now integration will enable you to create checkins and request reviews from customers directly from the FieldEdge mobile apps and website. You’ll be able to get all the benefits of Nearby Now for your local rankings and reputation without your team needing to switch apps or login to Nearby Now. With the integration active, your team will have access to checkin and […]

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Drive Better Client Performance with the New Agency Dashboard

Our new Agency Dashboard makes it even easier for you to track and manage your clients all in one place — providing you the key metrics you need without having to check each account individually. At the top level, you can checkout the Cumulative Stats for your entire client roster, ranging from checkin counts to review conversion rate and more. The interactive Storefront Location map will give a quick geographic snapshot of all of your […]

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