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Nearby Now v 1.3 released

We are excited to announce that Nearby Now for iPhone is no longer Nearby Now for iPhone. That’s right, Nearby Now is a universal app for iOS which means you can use your iPhone or iPad to use Nearby Now while in the field. And that’s not all… v1.3 brings an exciting new feature to the device called **Review tracking** – You can now keep track of the reviews that you send to your happy […]

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New features for Nearby Now on iOS and Android and more

We want Nearby Now to be awesome for service professionals. We also want it to be simple and frictionless. Adding useful features that are low friction is not always easy but we are working hard to make that happen. We’ve been thinking about what we can do to provide more value for service professionals in the field who are using Nearby Now. Value that helps the business get found by Google and the Nearby Now […]

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iPhone App Testers Needed

Nearby Now is rolling out it’s exciting new iPhone app, and we need volunteers to put it to the test! How it Works: Use the app to update your current location whenever you arrive a job, estimate, delivery, sales call, or even lunch. As you continue to update your location over time, Nearby Now shows potential customers where you are now, and a Heat Map – which effectively illustrates to potential new customers where you […]

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