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Introducing Audio Testimonials

audio testimonials with transcription

We are excited to announce Nearby Now Audio Testimonials. A simple and powerful way for you to publish your favorite customer audio testimonials on your website! We added simple yet intuitive features that make getting started easier than ever. You don’t need to worry about training or documentation. Just choose a phone number, add our plugin to your website, and start adding your voice testimonials to playlists. Unlimited Playlists Create as many playlists as you’d […]

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Service Area and Reviews Combination Map

As Nearby Now continues to grow, and our WordPress plugin is being implemented by new businesses every day, we are observing the various ways the plugin is being used. One setup that has become common is to display both the recent reviews, and service-area heat map on a single page. This setup works well, but we did not design both plugins to be used on the same page. So we decided to build a new […]

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