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Nearby Now for Android 2.2

We’ve had a few users ask us if Nearby Now was available for Android Froyo. The answer, up until today, has been no. We’ve fixed that! An updated version is available for download today in the Android Marketplace. Enjoy!

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New features for Nearby Now on iOS and Android and more

We want Nearby Now to be awesome for service professionals. We also want it to be simple and frictionless. Adding useful features that are low friction is not always easy but we are working hard to make that happen. We’ve been thinking about what we can do to provide more value for service professionals in the field who are using Nearby Now. Value that helps the business get found by Google and the Nearby Now […]

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Android App Testers Needed

We just finished beta version 1.0 of Nearby Now for Android and would love some volunteers to put it to the test! Download it here for free! With the release of the Android app, we are introducing a new feature to both the Android and iPhone apps. Checkins with an optional message or photo! Now, when you checkin to Nearby Now from the device, you can optionally post a message or a photo or both, […]

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