Supercharge Your Google My Business Reviews

Update November 14th, 2017: Intelligent Review Routing now includes the fastest way to boost your reviews on Facebook, too! Learn more here!

Boost Google My Business Reviews with Intelligent Review Routing from Nearby Now

Original Post May 31, 2017: We are proud to announce our new Intelligent Review Routing feature. Our 200+ trial clients saw an overall 23% increase in their Google My Business reviews over their first four weeks using this feature. An increase of 2,156 new GMB reviews in one month over the number it took them years to acquire before adopting this feature.

Measured by number of review requests, we are seeing an average of 13 new Google My Business reviews for every 100 review requests you send! 

And it is simple to activate and easy to use. Nothing changes in the way you checkin and request reviews. The GMB review process follows Google’s own directions to set up. And you continue to get Nearby Now reviews, as well — at a little over half the industry-leading 40% rate you would expect if you weren’t using this great feature to boost your Google reviews.

How does it work?

Checkin and request a review exactly the way you do now.

When your customer clicks to provide a review, our proprietary algorithm kicks in to analyze whether the potential reviewer would be highly likely to respond in Google My Business or not. If yes, we will send them straight to the Google review form for your own business — no additional questions, no additional clicks, no additional delays, no additional reasons to drop out.

If no, we’ll send them to the normal Nearby Now review process you know and love — where they can choose from the options you already have setup.

Turn it on today!

Here’s how to take advantage: 

  • Sign up, or upgrade your account, to an SEO Master subscription.
  • Make sure you have Google My Business setup as an External Review Site in your Settings > Survey Settings — and ensure that you are using a link you created using these instructions from Google. (use the Create a link using the PlaceID Lookup Tool option)
  • make sure you turn on Intelligent Review Routing by choosing an option at the bottom of your Review Settings
    • Maximize Google My Business Review Opportunities will give you the most possible Google My Business reviews —  but will have a greater impact on your Nearby Now review count. 
    • Maximize Google My Business Review Conversions will give you a big boost in Google My Business reviews while minimizing the impact on your Nearby Now reviews.

You will also get all the other benefits of SEO Master membership including video checkins, configurable review survey questions, Zapier integration, and more. Checkout our blog post to learn more.

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