Client success stories using Nearby Now

Of the limited keyword terms reported on Freedom has generated almost 750 new top 10 positions on Google including those in the table. A more extensive search would yield many, many additional.

We’re reporting that Electramedics has earned over 300 new top 10 positions on Google including those in the table. A more extensive search would yield many, many additional. Yahoo and Bing offer similar improvements.

A year ago Airnow had a total of approximately 20 reviews spread across the major review sites. Since then they’ve added over 180 to that total – bringing them to over 200; a dominant position in their market area.

72 Degrees quote “The Nearby Now tool has had a huge impact on our performance. We’re getting a lot of new leads as a result of it. We know that most of our customers do research online before contacting us. This has been an invaluable tool to help these people find our company. It also motivates our technicians who enjoy seeing their thoughts and comments from clients who they’re servicing. It provides a proactive approach to marketing themselves and a simple way for them to check in at each location. It’s an amazing tool for us.”

Mike Ropelewski, Grand Openings Garage Door says “I’m getting more quality leads from towns around Raleigh such as Holly Springs, Cary and Clayton. I ask everyone who calls me, ‘how did you find me?’ More and more have been telling me they’ve found me on Google and have read my reviews. ………. When my customers find me on Google and see my reviews, they immediately trust me. That has lead to more work for me in areas around Raleigh. I’ve gotten more leads from the Nearby Now system than from Angie’s List and Angie’s List costs twice as much.”

In just a few months of NearbyNow software use, Heatwave aka has earned a significant 200+ new top 10 positions on Google including those in the table. Adding in Yahoo and Bing yields over 650 total top 10 results. Google, Yahoo and Bing combine for over 150 first place keywords.

R & D Painting quote “I’ve been with SEO companies who haven’t provided me with the type of success that the Nearby Now system has provided. It’s the most successful tool I’ve used to drive traffic to my website than anything the other companies have offered. Since I’ve started using it, I’ve received 35-50% more business.”

               Heat Wave   R&D Painting

How Google Ranks Local Businesses

It’s important to know how Google (along with Yahoo and Bing) go about choosing which businesses to rank in their local search results in the first place. Along with the ranking factors Google uses to rank any type of search query – such as the crawlability of a website and the amount of links pointing to it from around the web – Google uses a special set of criteria for ranking local results.These criteria include:

  • Consistent Name, Address and Phone Number. In order to make sense of how to rank a business, Google collects contact information (name, address and phone number) from everywhere the business is listed on the web. This includes its Google Places profile, its own website and on directory sites like YellowPages and Superpages. If this information isn’t written out exactly the same on all of these places, a business’ results will suffer.
  • Dynamic city – and keyword-optimized content. Google looks for websites that are consistently updated with highly relevant content. For a home service business, it’s important to have dynamic web pages that are separately targeted for each city and keyword (“heating and cooling Chicago” and “heating and cooling Naperville,” for example).
  • Amount of reviews from legitimate sites across the web. Google looks to online reviews to verify the legitimacy and relevancy of each business. Some Internet marketers even believe the sentiment of the reviews is taken into account as well. The more reviews a business has on various online review sites, the better a chance the business has to rank for local search queries.

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