Why a free profile?

Everything your service business needs in a free dynamic profile.

Here at NearbyNow we believe in maximizing the value we provide. That’s why we offer you a free company profile in our business directory. Unlike most profile pages, your NearbyNow profile page will not be static – but rather will be updated continuously as long as you use the review requesting and service summary checkin tool. Profiles on our site rank very well on Google and other major search engines, giving you the opportunity to be found by more potential customers at no cost to you.

Business profiles are a simple but often overlooked way to reach more customers at no cost.

They include your contact information including your logo and a direct link to your website.

They include a lead capture form where prospects can enter their name and phone number. When they do, our system will send their request directly to you.

When you use the review requesting and service summary checkin capabilities of our system, they will be visible on your profile .

Finally, each profile shows what category you business operates in as well as the top cities (and visual service area).

Another benefit of having a free online business profile with us is that the more your website is mentioned in different places across the internet, the higher your businesses website ranks in Google and other major search engines. So not only are you helping your business by making your services and contact information more visible to potential customers but you are also making your main web page more visible.

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