Nearby Now Partners

Turn Your Client’s Site into Its Own Independent Review Site
Nearby Now Combines the Best of Content Marketing and Review Marketing

As an agency, you’ve been tasked to help your local service contractor generate new qualified leads that will grow its businesses. To do this, you can:

Build your client’s online reputation so prospects know he’s is trustworthy
Grow the service area so your client can reach customers outside of his base city
Boost search engine positioning so prospects in their target areas can find your client easily

The Nearby Now platform can help! We provide a cutting-edge solution that easily enables you do all three with a very low overhead. The key is a unique combination of self-service content marketing and review-based reputation marketing!

Agencies, web design firms and other businesses can partner with Nearby Now in two ways:

Reseller: Leverage Nearby Now for your clients; you maintain the relationship and we support you.
Affiliate: Know someone who could benefit but don’t want to manage the details? Send us the lead.

Both partnership programs come with a complete set of training and support to get you started quickly.

Does it fit my company’s offering?

This program complements your company’s web development, online marketing and SEO offerings. It gives you a way to provide significantly more value for your clients in a cost-effective way while staying focused on your core offerings.

How it works

Boost SEO: Self-service content from contractors and customers create dynamic, searchable text
Grow Service Area: Contractor summaries create a visual representation of service area
Build Reputation: Customer reviews build your client’s online reputation – on their site and on the web
Promote Brand: The platform targets major review sites – such as Google + and Yelp – with reviews
Connect Socially: Connect reviews to a client’s social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter

The Results

The Nearby Now platform has proven effective for hundreds of satisfied customers. Our client success stories show that the average company sees:
• An increase in the number of customers who give reviews—from less than 5% to more than 20%. Top clients see up to 40% review feedback. This equals hundreds of reviews per year.
• The addition of hundreds of new top 10 natural search positions for their main keywords in all of their geographic service areas. Many listings include the five-star review data.
Bottom Line: More qualified leads for your customers


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