Put Your Customer Success on Auto-Pilot with the new ServiceTitan Integration

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We are excited to announce a new ServiceTitan Integration. With the ServiceTitan Nearby Now integration you can automatically generate checkins and review requests from completed ServiceTitan jobs. This allows your technicians to focus on their job and the ServiceTitan app, without having to bounce around multiple apps to complete their job.

Here’s how the integration works:

  • Your technicians use the ServiceTitan app like they normally would.
    When the technician is done with the job, they will mark the job as complete in the ServiceTitan app.
  • ServiceTitan will automatically trigger the following:
    • A checkin on behalf of the technician, using the Invoice Summary field as the checkin message.
    • A review request on behalf of the technician, using the email address of the customer attached to the job.

Every job that is completed in ServiceTitan will trigger a checkin and review request in Nearby Now. If you would like more control over when a checkin and review request is created, you have two optional features:

Invoice Summary Filter
You can define a hashtag or phrase such as #nn or #review as the Invoice Summary Filter. By defining a phrase or hashtag, Nearby Now will only create a checkin and send a review request if the Invoice Summary field on the job contains the phrase you’ve defined when the job is marked complete.

Required Paid Invoice
Choose this option if you want to restrict checkins and review requests to only those jobs where the invoice has been paid-in-full at the time the job is marked complete.

Already a ServiceTitan customer? Click here to learn more about the ServiceTitan Nearby Now integration.

Not yet a ServiceTitan customer? Click here to learn more about ServiceTitan.

The ServiceTitan Nearby Now integration can be activated on both SEO Pro and SEO Master subscription plans for an additional $100/mo.

ServiceTitan is the #1 software platform for managing a home services business. It is used by the world’s leading home service companies, and it incorporates industry best practices to help you streamline operations, improve sales, provide a better customer experience, lower costs, and manage your business more easily.

With ServiceTitan, you can:

  • Turn even your lowest performing tech into a sales superstar.
  • Help your CSRs treat every caller like a loyal customer.
  • Optimize your marketing to increase revenue and lower customer acquisition.
  • Track & inspire tech performance.
  • Help your techs arrive at every call on time and fully prepared.
  • Motivate your CSRs to turn every lead into an appointment.

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