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Team Tagging

We are proud to announce a powerful new feature to help you get the most out of your SEO and online reputation. Team Tags will help you organize your users and teams, everything they contribute, and all the value you extract from it. Organize your reporting, and your leaderboards. Organize your checkins, reviews, videos, and photos and organize the presentation of them on your website. And all without your employees needing to do anything extra […]

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Track Your Calls to Understand Your Marketing ROI

Call Tracking from Nearby Now matches your inbound calls to the source campaign so you can be sure of your marketing ROI. This means less wasted advertising and less wasted marketing spend. A better chance to recover lost leads. And better insights into the way your team handles inbound calls. Every Nearby Now plan now includes five local numbers and 1000 local minutes at no additional charge to get you started. And more numbers and […]

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Create a Google My Business Post from Any Checkin

We are proud to announce one-click creation of a new Google My Business post from any checkin in your account, including a photo or a video thumbnail! This builds on our other great Google My Business features: Photo and Video Sharing to Google, New Google Review Alerts, Updated Google Review Alerts, and comprehensive Google Review Reporting which help you keep track of all the great reviews that our Intelligent Review Routing feature helps you get […]

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Alerts and Reporting for New and Updated Google My Business Reviews

We are proud to announce real-time alerts and reporting for your new Google My Business reviews. Now you’ll know when Google knows, so you can take ownership of your reputation! New Review Alerts Using the latest features of Google’s API, we’ll send you an email alert for every new Google review as soon as Google notifies us. When it happens. Not sometime later tonight, or at the end of the week, or when we get […]

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Streamline Building Local Rankings and Reputation with FieldEdge and Nearby Now

We are proud to announce a new FieldEdge integration. The FieldEdge / Nearby Now integration will enable you to create checkins and request reviews from customers directly from the FieldEdge mobile apps and website. You’ll be able to get all the benefits of Nearby Now for your local rankings and reputation without your team needing to switch apps or login to Nearby Now. With the integration active, your team will have access to checkin and […]

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Supercharge Your Facebook Reviews

We are proud to announce our latest improvement to our Intelligent Review Routing feature. Now you can boost your Facebook reviews using all the the great technology that brought our clients an average 23% increase in their Google My Business reviews in just four weeks! And it is simple to activate and easy to use. All you do is turn it on to see the Facebook reviews roll in. Nothing changes in the way you checkin and […]

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Drive Better Client Performance with the New Agency Dashboard

Our new Agency Dashboard makes it even easier for you to track and manage your clients all in one place — providing you the key metrics you need without having to check each account individually. At the top level, you can checkout the Cumulative Stats for your entire client roster, ranging from checkin counts to review conversion rate and more. The interactive Storefront Location map will give a quick geographic snapshot of all of your […]

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Showcase Your Videos in Our New Video Gallery

Nearby Now is the easiest way to create great, relevant and rich media to drive even better rankings for your own websites. We have always supported photos, and we added video support last fall. It couldn’t be easier to post a photo or video right to the website with each checkin — with every job driving better content to drive better SEO results.  We are proud to announce that our Gallery plugin, which has been available […]

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Supercharge Your Google My Business Reviews

Update December 4th, 2018: Intelligent Review Routing now includes real-time alerts for new Google reviews, updated Google reviews including detail on the changes, and deep-dive reporting. Learn more here! Update November 14th, 2017: Intelligent Review Routing now includes the fastest way to boost your reviews on Facebook, too! Learn more here! Original Post May 31, 2017: We are proud to announce our new Intelligent Review Routing feature. Our 200+ trial clients saw an overall 23% increase in their […]

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Put Your Customer Success on Auto-Pilot with the new ServiceTitan Integration

ServiceTitan Integration

Update June 27, 2019: The ServiceTitan/Nearby Now integration now enables you to use a ServiceTitan custom field to as the source for your Nearby Now checkin content in the integration! We are excited to announce a new ServiceTitan Integration. With the ServiceTitan Nearby Now integration you can automatically generate checkins and review requests from completed ServiceTitan jobs. This allows your technicians to focus on their job and the ServiceTitan app, without having to bounce around […]

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Activate Webhooks to Power Your Own Web Apps

Webhooks provide a standard way to notify your own web server/app about new checkins, reviews, or customers in Nearby Now. Using these real-time notifications, you can power your own apps and workflows with the power of the information your team and customers are creating in Nearby Now! Now, the power of what you can accomplish with your Nearby Now data is limited only by your imagination! Upgrade to SEO Master, then go to Integrations to […]

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Integrate Nearby Now with 500+ Apps Using Zapier

Update February 6, 2020: Nearby Now now integrates with more than 2000 apps through Zapier — more than any other workflow platform! Update September 26, 2018:  Nearby Now now integrates with more than 1500 apps through Zapier! Update January 10, 2018: Nearby Now now integrates with more than 1000 apps through Zapier! Update January 10, 2017: Nearby Now now integrates with more than 500 apps through Zapier! Update December 6, 2016: Zapier has now released […]

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New SEO Master Plan Provides the Power of Webhooks, Zapier Integration and More

Update August 8th, 2018: We’ve doubled the potential length of your video checkins to 30 seconds! Update November 14th, 2017: Intelligent Review Routing now includes the fastest way to boost your reviews on Facebook! Learn more here! Update August 3rd, 2017: SEO Master now includes Local SMS Numbers — a way to increase the conversion rate of SMS reviews! Learn more here! Update May 31, 2017: SEO Master now includes Intelligent Review Routing — the […]

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Audio Testimonials Extended to All SEO Master Subscribers

Previously available only as an add-on feature, we have just extended Audio Testimonials to any client on our new SEO Master plan. Get a dedicated phone number — local or toll-free — to add audio testimonials to your review flow! Every outbound review survey will now include your dedicated number, and you can also add your number to business cards and other leave-behind material. The great Nearby Now plugins and API you are already using […]

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